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Godina : 2018.

The concept of phased construction works is based on a high level of flexibility and encreased possibility of accepting various needs and conditions from the intended user- investor. The basis for the development of the urbanistic- architectural idea is a 8,40 by 8,40 m modular grid that encompasses the entire project area, and is the general regulator of all spatial interventions.The core requirements for the development of the desired architectural idea are created by varying volumes shaped according to modern “smart” principles and a multitude of different ambiences.

By all means, Airport City area follows the idea of using advanced technologies for urban life organization and development- the concept of “Smart City”. Although small in size, Franjo Tuđman International Airport Zagreb Airport City has the potential to become a research model but also an initiator of advanced solutions implementation. Primarily, this refers to establishing a general energy model (“smart” buildings, green areas design, street lights, waste disposal solutions…) and using high quality technologies and services platforms (utility companies services, traffic organization, smart transport…).

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