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Year : 2016.

Open market canopy design is derived from the intention of creating quality commercial areas, with welcoming atmosphere, natural northern illumination and natural ventilation.

The design of open market roof surfaces merges with the historic roof image through its elaborate form, architectural articulation and scale. The introduction of triangles and diagonals simultaneously allows the realization of “gaps” that provide quality northern illumination as well as natural ventilation of the space below.

The new market building has a strong connection to the public area and forms a functional, design and spatial whole with the complex of St. Šime Church. Commercial areas form the ground floor, while the first floor of the enclosed market is conceived as a multi-purpose space enriched with a green garden. St. Šime Church atrium design allows it to be a functional part of market life. The fact that the area has not been sufficiently archeologically explored resulted in unique architectural solutions, constructions and the emphasis on green gardens, both vertical and horizontal (building gables, historic ruins of St. Šime Church and St. Roko Chapel arcade contours).

Goods exchange taking place in the open market and inside the new market building had the leading role in project design, complemented by a series of commercial, hospitality and similar facilities. Due to space transformability of the open market, St. Šime atrium, new market building and surrounding network of streets and alleys, this area should become one of the most attractive parts of the old town.

Ambience attraction together with adequate urban equipment, eye-appealing vertical and horizontal greenery and lighting complete the idea of high level of urbanity, as a contribution to the “idea of the city”.

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