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Client: ZLZ

Year: 2014.-2016.

Authors: Branko Kincl, Velimir Neidhardt, Jure Radić

Photographs : Josip Škof

The construction of the New Passenger Terminal at Franjo Tuđman International Airport Zagreb represents a new base for urbanity, directing new development to more urban surroundings, especially towards the City of Velika Gorica. The definition of the mentioned agglomeration is transformed through a new, complex distribution of urban structures that are being formed along a new axis, linking the center of Velika Gorica with the New Passenger Terminal areas. This connection reaches its point of culmination in the future Airport business center (Airport City). Multiple cumulative attractivenesses of complementary functions are then created, giving the airport buildings together with the City of Velika Gorica some of the attributes of the highest level of urbanity and a new significance. They have the potential to merge to a unique urban effectiveness focal point of the Zagreb metropolitan area, with powerful symbolism and an economic effect on the national and wider regional area. The specific architectural form has been achieved by a unique combination of aesthetic phenomena and functional issues that connect environmental, symbolical and historical paradigms of human development with an openness to global principles and local culture. On one hand, the creation of the architectural form relies on a strictly functional philosophy of the complex terminal building structure, while on the other the final architectural form results from a one of a kind urban landscape and a composition derived from the cultural context. The project is characterized by aesthetic attributions with a particular symbolism and significance.

The building received an internationally acknowledged certificate for green building LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, becoming a LEED Silver certified project.

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