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Year : 2017.

The general building concept of an easily accessible public ground floor and more secluded areas formed on upper floors around an atrium was derived according to spatial requirements, characteristics of the location itself, and a desire to obtain an optimal functional solution for all planned areas, that is also financially acceptable and aesthetically pleasing.

In that way, the polyvalent hall can have contact with the immediate surroundings, and the accessibility of other public amenities- common areas, patient care and therapy areas and partly general services areas.

Outside spaces- green terraces are obtained by perforating the building’s skin and by creating a cloister- a safe and serene area for walks, meditation and peace for patients.

A morphological link with the surrounding area is created by recognizing the existing built structure- family houses units in Dubrava, Zagreb, and their multiplication in forming the husing units of the nursing home provides a space frame for the authors intention to create areas where the user can feel at home.

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